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The Loose Moose, Toronto

“The Mississippi Delta, is shining like a national guitar/ I am following the river down the highway through the cradle of the civil war…” Picture this: you were part of one of the most popular duos of your generation. Parting ways with your partner at the height of your popularity, you go on to be a massive solo act, but a decade later things have lost their shine.  “Predictable”. You’re not really winning any new fans. So what do you do? Hopefully, you can pull off what Paul Simon did in 1986, when he released Graceland.  One of the best albums of the 1980s it was simultaneously fresh and exciting, and familiar.  Blending styles, partnering with other artists (and indeed….  [Read More]

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Irish Red – Cheshire Valley Brewing

Cheshire Valley Irish Red

Know what I like?  Beer.  I think that goes without saying.  I am particularly fond of Cheshire Valley, the “virtual brewery” of Paul Dickey (his words).  Paul makes some of my favourite beers in Toronto.  His mild might well be my desert-island beer now.  It’s that good.  His Robust Porter (which will be arriving at your local bar this week, if your local bar doesn’t suck) is just amazing.  I could go on.  So when I started planning the beer selection for my mother’s 64th birthday (which she had decided would be her “big” birthday, as opposed to 60 or 65, “Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I’m 64″.) an immediate thought was “I wonder….  [Read More]

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Project X – Great Lakes Brewery – January 12 2012

That's Mike Lackey, and that's his beard.

So Project X is not really a new thing.  Indeed, I’ve talked about it various times on this very blog.  If you don’t know, every month, Great Lakes Brewing Co. hosts an amazing party called Project X.  The idea is, people head down to the brewery to drink awesome great lakes beer, usually including a few one-off or specialty brews, often on cask.  It’s a really great time, and it breaks my heart how often I miss it.  But none more than tonight. You see, tonight, it seems they’re taking this overly warm spring-like weather as an opportunity to do a little spring cleaning.  This list of beers on offer tonight is just off the hook.  Doubt me? Here you….  [Read More]

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Toronto Beer Week 2011 – Official Dates

I realize this came out last week, but I figure better late than never.  It’s official, the dates for this year’s TBW are set.  Book your vacation time now, for September 16-24.  Below is the official press release: February 7, 2011 – TORONTO – We are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual Toronto Beer Week (TBW) will once again be taking over the streets of Canada’s largest city. Working off a tremendously successful week in 2010, TBW promises to be bigger and better this year, and due to popular demand will be expanding to add an additional weekend. 2011 will now see 10 days of beer-related events celebrating quality craft brews, and the amazing places you can enjoy them.

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Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (There’s Beer Too) – November 18-21

Next weekend in Toronto features a yearly event well worth going to, even if you have no interest in beer (what the heck are you doing here, though?).  The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (not to be confused with the Wine and Cheese show, and Sante), opens its doors again this year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, starting next Thursday, the 18th for the VIP night, and Friday at 2pm for general admission.  While I could write at leangth about the great wines and spirits you get the opportunity to sample, that’s not why I’m going this year.  Nor am I writing about the selection of excellent foods, from restaurants, hotels and food service providers.  Indeed, this year I’m….  [Read More]

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Cask Days – Bar Volo

Just in from Ralph at Volo!!!! ABOUT CASK DAYS October has become Toronto’s annual month to celebrate cask-condition ale – a term for unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated beer that undergoes secondary fermentation. Once tapped, cask-ale – also referred to as real ale, has only a few days to be consumed at it’s peak; we call these days ‘Cask Days’. During this time of the year, Cask Days attracts brewers from Ontario and Quebec to showcase their finest brews. This event has encouraged brewers and fans of craft beer to experiment and explore diverse styles of beer. To commence the 6th annual Cask Days, we are happy to announce that this is the biggest yet – with cask events hosted across….  [Read More]

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Weisse Beer Pairing with Michael Hancock at The Monk’s Table – Toronto Beer Week

My last day of Toronto Beer Week was looking promising: a dinner with Michael Hancock, Black Oak beers at Volo, possibly Guinness and oysters at Ceili, and who knows what else? Due to poor time-management on my part, I was totally late getting to the Monk’s Table. No worries though, Michael was still talking through the history of German wheat beers, while Doug, who is a Volo regular and was assisting, was pouring glasses of Michael’s Denison’s Weisse Beir from an honest to goodness oak cask. I took my seat and glass and happily listened to some beer history I was totally unfamiliar with. As Michael was wrapping up the first course arrived, which was a hot-smoked salmon. The spicy….  [Read More]

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BrewDog Dinner with James Watt – Toronto Beer Week

Indeed, one of the most anticipated events of the inaugural Toronto Beer Week was a tasting dinner lead by James Watt, co-owner of BrewDog, one of the most progressive breweries around.  So off I went to beerbistro, as excited as a kid on Christmas.  While there was some of the usual suspects in attendance, the vast majority of the crowd were unfamiliar to me, and I was glad to see how much public appeal the event had.  I took a seat across from Jordan St. John, and gave the menu a once over.  As per usual, the menu looked creative, exciting and heavy on the animals.  James (who was sitting right behind me) got up and introduced the event, and….  [Read More]

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$4 Pints at Volo – Toronto Beer Week

After eating more seafood then a Nova Scotia Fisherman at Starfish, I hopped up to Volo to vote on the IPA cask challenge final and enjoy some $4 pints.  At this point I must say:  I go to Volo somewhat frequently.  I’ve been to numerous events, including the epic cask days.  With that in mind, let me say, Volo was RAMMED last night.  So busy I didn’t bother taking out my camera, as it would have been hard to find a place to open the case.  I also discovered that they had blown though the casks a long time before I arrived.  The good news was, I was able to get a lovely glass of 10 Bitter Years, which made….  [Read More]

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Malts and Molluscs – Toronto Beer Week

I’m a fan of the band, U2.  I used to say “big fan”, but then I met some big fans of U2, and realized I wasn’t one.  I’ve got a pretty large selection of their music, and have attended concerts.  The first concert I attended though, was insanely special.  While waiting in line for GA, Bono’s truck stopped next to us, and I got to shake his hand and mumble a few words of gratitude.  Then we cheated our way into the centre of the oval b-stage, where we were frequently about 6 feet from the band members.  Friends kept texting us as they could see us on the video screens.  Then towards the end of the show, we realized….  [Read More]

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