Wrapping It All Up

This post has been a little delayed, and for that I apologize. I broke fast this past Sunday, Palm Sunday, after my 40 days of fasting for Lent. The delay has been, in part, because I’m actually still doing interviews about the whole endeavor.  Which is such an amazing thing. When I set out to do this, a part of it was trying to engage people in a dialogue about faith and spirituality.  In all modesty, I was reasonably expecting to have my story heard by tens of thousands of people. That might sound like a lot, but at this point, that number is easily over a million. Maybe even millions. And while there is a part of me that gets a bit of a goofy grin thinking about that, the reality is, that was all heaven sent blessing.

This is me

I actually had to get headshots for news agencies to use. So strange….

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Truly Enjoying Food — The Pleasures of the Table

This post might seem contrary to my claims that when I’m hungry I redirect my energy to thankfulness, study, or service, but I can assure you, it isn’t. Writing about truly enjoying food comes directly out of reflecting on the blessing of food and community. When preparing food one thing I reflect on is being blessed by access to food, but another is the blessing of eating. Not just ingesting food, but actually *eating*. Enjoying the food; the presentation; the company.

Every Sunday night is taco night at our house.

Every Sunday night is taco night at our house.

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