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My Summer Beer List — Week One — Wheat Beer

As the weather warms up, every beer blogger and their cousins are compiling lists of their summer beers for 2013.  This isn’t inherently a bad thing, and often might lead you to a new beer you had not tried before. It could also leave you crying into your lager, as you don’t have access to any of the specific beers on a particular list.  So while I’ll suggest some specific beers, I want to present to you my list of ultimate summer styles, and why you want to drink them. Today I’m going to cover Wheat Beers. For the next 6 weeks, I’ll also cover off Fruit Beers, Saisons, Lawn Mower Beers, BBQ Beers, and Campfire Beers.

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Oranje Weisse – Amsterdam Brewery

Okay, we all know I’ve got a huge crush on Amsterdam.  Disclaimer stated.  That being said, I’ve got a bit of a “thing” about this beer.  Ummmm, it’s not a weisse.  That’s a German style of beer, and the sausage-munchers are a tad bit obsessed about the ingredients, and specifically what is *not* in there.  Namely, anything other than water, malted barley/wheat, hops and yeast.  Therefore, orange peel, dry spices, whatever, have no place in weisse beers.  Amsterdam calls this Oranje Weisse, as a nod to the Dutch part of their history (Oranje being a nickname for the Netherlands National Football Team).  But even on the label, it’s referred to as an unfiltered Flemish-style wheat beer, which is better known….  [Read More]

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