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Vanilla Porter — Mill Street Brewery

Vanilla Porter — Mill Street Brewery

As fall seems to have officially hit here in Toronto, it’s no surprise that I find myself with a fridge full of classic cold weather brews.  This one, from Mill Street, is a classic for drinkers at their brewpub or new beer hall in the distillery district.  Long a seasonal favourite, when Mill Street announced that they had finally gotten a packing system in place for their Cobblestone Stout, people started wondering if perhaps Vanilla Porter would be next.  And the murmurs turned out to be accurate, with tallboy cans packaged on the same nitrogen disc to create a dense, draught-like head. So are we to believe the hype?

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Brewer’s Plate Toronto 2011 – Attended!

Oh goodness gracious. What a massive event. This Year’s Brewer’s Plate in Toronto took place in the Wychwood Barns, a really cool City of Toronto event space. It’s an old TTC building, that appears to have housed streetcars, but it’s been hipped up with cleaned up brickwork and old beams. BP had set up in the main hall, a long high-ceilinged space, with vendor tables running down both sides and a combination of high-top and seated tables down the middle. Glassware and a napkin were given at the door, and attendees were welcome to wander through the space, sampling the many beer and food pairings, from a who’s who of Toronto beer and food. As noted by Jordan St John,….  [Read More]

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Brewer’s Plate Toronto 2011

Get ready, this is going to be crazy. Want to drink excellent beers, eat amazing food and support a good cause all at once?  It’s easier than you think. The Brewer’s Plate has got you covered. On April 6th, Brewer’s Plate Toronto is bringing together an elite list of brewers, chefs and artisanal food producers in a night of eating and drinking, all in support of Not Far From The Tree, a charity I really dig (there’s a funny joke there, get it? No? You will in a minute).

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Toronto Beer Week Launch – Mill St Brew Pub

So after a good bit of planning and anticipation, Monday September 20th finally dawned (though I was still asleep) and with it, brought Toronto Beer Week!  The opening event was the ceremonial cask-tapping at the Mill St Brew Pub, a fitting choice, as Mill St has not only been pivotal in the revitalization of the Gooderham & Wort distillery district, but also in the growth of the craft brew scene in Toronto.  The cask was tapped by the Honourable Steve Peters, Speaker of the House at Queen’s Park, who is himself a big supporter of the craft beer industry in Ontario.  Mill St had made up a lovely batch of Oktoberfest beer, quite malty, but a bit more hoppy then….  [Read More]

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Pilsner – Mill St Brewery

Another of the brews that Mill St released this summer (or at least pushed), to try to expand the brand back into the “craft” market.  Looking at the label is interesting.  They’ve created a “vintage” style label, green and gold with a wheat sheaf and red accents.  The typeface is even a “days of yore” kind of choice.  They’re trying to hit that country/old Toronto vibe.  Which, of course, is very “Craft”y and local feeling.  And it occurs to me, that the label on the Betelguese Tripel had a sort of “Quebec” kind of vibe to it.  I can’t remember the Roggenbeir label, and didn’t buy one as I really didn’t dig it at the C’est What spring beerfest.  There….  [Read More]

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Betelgeuse – Mill St Brewery

So Mill St has really grown since it’s inception, and is now one of the biggest of the “micros” in Ontario. I don’t have the numbers, but I imagine most of the beer they sell is Organic and Tankhouse, a lot of which is served on draught in bars around Toronto.  Which is good.  Those are both well made beers which are helping more people realize that beer doesn’t have to come from one of the big three, and that beers can taste interesting and come from close to home.  But with so many other brewers doing all sorts of really wonderful creative things with their breweries, I think Mill St realized they were getting left behind by the small….  [Read More]

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Lemon Tea Beer – Mill St. Brewery

So, as big and corporate as Mill St has gotten, they still do make some pretty unique beers.  They seem to be pushing these beers this summer, releasing them as singles and in a mixed pack available at the LCBO.  Lemon Tea beer sounds like a perfect summer cool-down, so let’s do this. From a 341ml bottle, the beer pours a cloudy deep gold.  There is not a lot of head, but an active carbonation which leaves a nice film.  The smell, unsurprisingly, is of lemons and black tea.  Some sweet grains are present ifyou look for them.  The taste is actually quite a lot of wheat beer charecteristics, spicy, with some honey-like sweetness.  There is definitely citrusy tastes, but….  [Read More]

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CASK! Social Pub Crawl. This Weekend

From the good folks at CASK! Social: Cask Ale Crawl 2010 Building on the success of last year’s cask ale crawl, which won a Golden Tap Award, this year’s event will take place during the weekend of May 7th – 9th 2010.  At least six participating pubs across downtown Toronto have confirmed so far: Granite Brewery, 245 Eglinton Ave East Volo, 587 Yonge St The Rhino, 1249 Queen  St West C’est What?, 67 Front St East Mill St. Brewpub, 55 Mill St Ceili Cottage, 1301 Queen  St East The crawl begins at 5:00 pm on Friday May 7th and goes until Sunday May 9th while supplies last.  Pick up a passport at any of the participating pubs.  Have your passport stamped at each….  [Read More]

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