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Lawnmower Arm Saison — Great Lakes Brewery

I think I had Lawnmower Arm Saison before.  I’m not really sure, but it sounded familiar.  But when I was at the Great Lakes Brewery in Etobicoke this week, and I saw it, as a barrel-aged, on sour cherries, incarnation, I had to give some a whirl.  Saisons often have influence from wild bacterias, like lactobacillus or brettanomyces, barrel-aging them can add to this (especially if the barrel in question is infected with it).  Similarly, aging a beer on fresh fruit can introduce all manners of microorganisms. Actually, it’s a bit of a crap-shoot, I’m sure.  Not to spoil the fun, but Mike rolled a 7 on this one.

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Orange Peel Ale — Great Lakes Brewery

One of my earliest craft-beer memories from my journey into better beer, was seeing a tap handle that was an orange.  I don’t know why I was so enamoured by it, but I was.  It was, of course, the tap handle for Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale.  While I have always loved that handle, Orange Peel Ale and I grew apart.  I got uppity and “didn’t like fruit beers” and was a “hop-head”.  Thankfully, I continued to grow, and now am open to pretty well every style.  So when I was offered a glass of Orange Peel Ale at a party earlier this year, I gladly accepted.  I was expecting something malty, with a nice tart orange juice flavour.  What….  [Read More]

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Fruit Stand Watermelon Wheat Ale — Kensington Brewing Co

There are a lot of beers out there with fruit in them.  To start with, the myriad lite lime type things that seem to have endless marketing budgets.  There are also more than a few pleasing beers made in Canada with things like raspberries, apricots or blueberries in them.  And, of course, there are the classic Lambics from Belgium, many of which have fruits added like raspberries, cherries, peaches or black currants.  I have had more than a few of these varied beers, and have liked some, disliked others, and been madly in love with a few.  But until Brock from Kensington Brewing Co told me about Fruit Stand last summer, I had not yet come across a beer made….  [Read More]

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Omerta Blood Orange Pale Ale — Bellwoods Brewery

Fruit in beers, what can I say?  They range from light lime lagers to the epic Cantillion Lambics, and  lots of iterations in between.  In some cases, the fruit is really the only thing you taste, in other cases it used to compliment characteristics of the beer.  I used to say I didn’t really dig fruit flavoured beers, but with time and experience, I’ve found that there are actually many I do enjoy. So when I saw on Facebook that Bellwoods had a blood orange pale ale called Omerta from sale in their retail store, I headed right over to pick some up.  It’s likely sold out at the store now, but fear not, and read on; there are still….  [Read More]

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3 Minutes To Midnight (Hellwoods on Sour Cherries) — Bellwoods Brewery

3 Minutes to Midnight (Hellwoods Imperial Stout on Sour Cherries) — Bellwoods Brewery

Oh my oh dear. Is there anything Bellwoods makes that doesn’t turn to solid gold?  Yes, those things that turn to platinum.  If you like beer, and you haven’t experienced a beer from Bellwoods, stop reading this very instant, and go get some.  Seriously.  Consistently phenomenal beers, creative, exciting, stellar. While Bellwoods’ main production is for service in the brewpub and for sale at their retail store, some kegs make it out, and the rare old cask (we’ve had two at Castro’s Lounge, and that’s a lot).  We scored this beauty last week, as it was the twin of a cask they prepared for Cask Days.  It’s their amazing Hellwoods Imperial Stout, aged on sour cherries.  And yes, that’s as….  [Read More]

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Smashed Blueberry — Shipyard Brewing Co.

Smashed Pumpkin Ale — Shipyard Brewing Co.

So, I don’t know if it’s Ontario brain-washing, overly romantic memories of cottaging in Muskoka as a child, or a geniune love of the little blue berries known (cleverly) as Blueberries.  In pancakes, as jam on toast, in pie.  So if you put Blueberries in beer, I’m pretty much yours.  Now, some of you will remember from last fall, I reviewed Ship Yard’s Smashed Pumpkin. Shipyard is not a brewery lots of people in Ontario are familiar with (due, mainly, to our wonderfully thought-out liquor laws) which is a shame.  Shipyard has been making excellent brews since 1994, and are highly respected south of the border.  Incidentally, Ron Keefe—of The Granite Brewery—trained with Alan Pugsley, Shipyard’s brewmaster. So while you….  [Read More]

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St Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale — McAuslan Brewing Inc.

St Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale — McAuslan Brewing Inc

Continuing along with my “stuff in beer” reviews, is St Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale. I’ve said it in past posts, but I’ll say it again: I don’t go in for this seasonal beer stuff.  True, I think there are beers for specific occasions or times, but I would never consider turning down a delicious stout in July or a gorgeous weisse in February.  I probably wouldn’t crack a Russian Imperial Stout to cool down after mowing the lawn, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have one with some chocolate after dinner that night.  That being said, most people do identify beers as being seasonally appropriate, and this is one generally accepted as being a summer beverage.  And there is no….  [Read More]

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St Ambroise Framboise — McAuslan Brewing Inc.

St Ambroise Framboise — McAuslan Brewing Inc.

Another day another beer review.  If you recall from my review of Great Lakes Green Tea Ale, I’m focusing for a while on those “summer-time” brews (though I prefer to not pigeon-hole beers seasonally, most people do) that have things added to them, from fruit juices, to spices, and beyond.  Next up is this bottle from McAuslan, their St Ambroise Framboise.  Now, aside from the obvious cuteness with the name, if you follow along, you know I’m a big fan of McAuslan.  I actually say regularly that beyond not making a bad beer, McAuslan actually only makes excellent beers, or better.  There is no doubt their Oatmeal Stout and Pale Ale are exceptional. So I’m always happy when Barry Pletch….  [Read More]

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Lemon Tea Beer – Mill St. Brewery

So, as big and corporate as Mill St has gotten, they still do make some pretty unique beers.  They seem to be pushing these beers this summer, releasing them as singles and in a mixed pack available at the LCBO.  Lemon Tea beer sounds like a perfect summer cool-down, so let’s do this. From a 341ml bottle, the beer pours a cloudy deep gold.  There is not a lot of head, but an active carbonation which leaves a nice film.  The smell, unsurprisingly, is of lemons and black tea.  Some sweet grains are present ifyou look for them.  The taste is actually quite a lot of wheat beer charecteristics, spicy, with some honey-like sweetness.  There is definitely citrusy tastes, but….  [Read More]

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Organic Raspberry – Samuel Smith

Here’s the thing:  I don’t generally really like fruit beers.  Too often they taste of fake fruit flavouring, other times, the just don’t taste particularly good.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course, like the classic strawberry beer from Belgium, Fruli.  Samual Smith’s has yet to let me down, though so let’s give this a go! From a 500ml bottle with a very cool old-fashioned looking label, and the remnants of a date stamp on the neck (no idea what it said though), the beer is red-brown, slightly opaque, and has a lovely big bubbly head.  Aroma is raspberry, with (strangely) a hint of blackberry.  My bro Matt, over at onebeeratatime.wordpress.com said he tasted blackcurrents.  Clearly, it doesn’t smell….  [Read More]

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