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La Belle Crawl – Super Marche Rahman

So, after a mighty big sandwich, the only thing left to do was make a pick-up of beers that we would be difficult (at best) to get back in Ontario.  The weird thing for most Ontarians, is not just that you can buy beer at the local corner store, but that you can buy very good beer there.  Both Quebecois beers you’ve likely never heard of, as well as Europeans that simply are not in Ontario.  You can also pick up a pack of smokes, a stick of jerky and a slushy.  Don’t forget, you’re at a corner store.  One of the biggest selections can be found just west of Dieu du Ciel!, at a little place called Super Marche….  [Read More]

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La Belle Crawl – Schwartz’s Deli

Okay, so you may or may not know this, but I’m a vegetarian (strictly speaking, I’m a peskaterian, I eat seafood).  But I’m also a trained chef, and a big food geek.  As well, I spent a lot of my time in highschool in the pages of fiction by Mordecai Richler; pages laced with references to a variety of Montreal-ness, including frequent mentions of Schwartz’s medium-fat on rye sandwiches. So when I found myself in Montreal, a stop for a sandwich at Schwartz’s wasn’t just a possibility, it was required, despite any existing dietary preferences. These are the classic Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, but if your picutre of Montreal smoked meat is some type of deli meat that can be….  [Read More]

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La Belle Crawl – Dieu du Ciel!

Ummm, okay, here’s the thing:  Dieu du Ciel!, it’s like a beer Mecca.  If you don’t know, they make a huge variety of incredible beers, lots of Belgian styles, but also heaps of new-school brews, from badass AIPAs to BIPAs to RISs.  Haha, jargon abbreviations kick ass.  Suffice to say, these guys are just a few inches ahead of the cutting edge.  They have two locations, the brewpub in Montreal at St. Laurent and Laurier west, and their brewery in St. Jermaine.  After a bit of a walk up St Laurent, in which I constantly pointed out a variety of signs to Rob that were in English, just to annoy (including common English words like “baguette”, “brioche”, and “poutine”), we….  [Read More]

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La Belle Crawl – Beau’s All Natural Brewing

After a quick stop in Cornwall or somewhere to buy some Doritos and soda to quell rumbling tummies, we headed north towards Vankleek Hill, and what can only be defined as “The Country”.  Fields, grass, sheep, cows, the usual.  Country.  Even those fun country-esque sign posts. You might note in the above picture, we’re close enough to Montreal, despite still being in Ontario, that there is a sign for Mirabel Airport.  Crazy.  Anyways, if you pass east through the pleasantly quaint and country-esque town of Vankleek Hill, then hang a left onto Terry Fox Drive, you will be greeted, first by the pleasing aroma of wet malted barley, then by a truly wonderful sight.  A brewery. I am fortunate enough….  [Read More]

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La Belle Crawl – Introduction

Okay, first off, sorry this took so damn long to get to.  The evening of this crawl (okay, it was a drive, but whatever), I came down with a crazy fever, caused, it turned out, by an antibiotic-resistant chest infection, which had set me up with a pretty decent case of pneumonia by the time the second course of antibiotics took effect.  I was literally on the couch for two weeks, and pretty slow and delicate for another week.  Then, of course, I had a heap of paying work to catch up on, so blogging this totally got back-burnered.  But here it is now. So, a good friend of mine, Rob, is both a Montrealer by birth, and also a….  [Read More]

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CASK! Social Pub Crawl. This Weekend

From the good folks at CASK! Social: Cask Ale Crawl 2010 Building on the success of last year’s cask ale crawl, which won a Golden Tap Award, this year’s event will take place during the weekend of May 7th – 9th 2010.  At least six participating pubs across downtown Toronto have confirmed so far: Granite Brewery, 245 Eglinton Ave East Volo, 587 Yonge St The Rhino, 1249 Queen  St West C’est What?, 67 Front St East Mill St. Brewpub, 55 Mill St Ceili Cottage, 1301 Queen  St East The crawl begins at 5:00 pm on Friday May 7th and goes until Sunday May 9th while supplies last.  Pick up a passport at any of the participating pubs.  Have your passport stamped at each….  [Read More]

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Ptown crawl part IV – The Olde Stone Brewery

Last stop, though I really should have already left. The Olde Stone is a brew pub right in downtown ptown. With a brewery in the basement, this place serves both their own brews on draught, as well as five Ontario guest taps. Today they were serving their stout, red fife ale, bitter, old ale and Belgian ale. Guests were Amsterdam Spring Bock, KLB framboise, Mill St Organic, Creemore, and Welly Trailhead. I opted for a pint of the old ale.  It was dark and malty with lots of nice dark fruit and sweetness.  A nice alcohol finish and linger that just kept going and saw me all the way down to the 401. The atmosphere is a dark “warehouse” style….  [Read More]

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Ptown crawl part III – St Veronus Cafe and Tap Room

On the advice of Marty at Publican, I left The Only and wandered along Hunter St. to St. Veronus which is a classic Belgian style bar. Elegant and clean layout, with a few different rooms, including a small bar room where I sat. Two super friendly servers (Andrea and Devon) chatted amicably and, after some deliberation on my part, served me a Dieu du Ceil Peche Mortel. The bottle selection is mainly Belgian, with all three Chimays, all three Rochefortes, both Achel, both Westmalle and Orval. Taps were Stella, Leffe Blonde and Bruine, Hoegaarden, Stiegel, Affligem Blonde, De Koninck, Konings Hoeven Tripel, Delirium Tremens, and Welly RIS on guest tap. WOW! Am I really in Peterborough? All Belgians are properly….  [Read More]

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Ptown crawl part II – The Only Cafe

So my second stop took me to The Only Cafe. Which is strange to me, as The Only is on Danforth in Toronto, right? Well, about 20 years ago, the dude who opened the Danforth location, Jerome, sold it, moved to Peterborough, and opened what is basically the same bar. Eclectic furniture, walls covered in pictures, pinball machine in the corner and respectable beer list. I accidentally typed “lust” instead of “list”. I think I should have left it. There’s a patio over-looking a little brook, and it’s adjacent to a theatre (the Gordon Best Theatre.  See what they’re doing?  “The Best theatre, over the Only Cafe”.  Cute) . My kind of place. I arrived at 11:10, doubtful it would….  [Read More]

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Ptown crawl part I – Publican House Brewery

After dropping my mum at her desired location in Peterborough, I headed to Charlotte St and the pleasant Publican House Brewery. Bought myself a growler of Square Nail Pale Ale and had a great chat about their intentions to open up the restaurant part of their facility. It sounds like they’re headed in the right direction. Easy-going, varying local menu built around the beer. Simple, but should work. I like people who appreciate that quality trumps artistry every time, when it comes to food. I asked for directions to the Only, but was recommended to visit a place called St Veronus, if the Only wasn’t open yet. I took my notes, made my farewells, and hopped into the car. I….  [Read More]

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